1. What’s Ziva Verified?

With extensive quality checks & Fast + Free* delivery, Ziva Verified guarantees a superior shopping experience every time.

  1. Why should you trust Ziva Verified?

Ziva Quality guidelines ensure extensive quality checks from storage to final packaging.

Transit Safe Packaging- Ziva packaging guidelines ensure safe delivery of products to your doorstep.

So look for the Ziva Verified badge every time before purchasing. Stop worrying. Start Buying

Experience ziva verified right now.

  1. What does the badge ‘Ziva Verified’ mean?

The ‘Ziva Verified’ badge is a seal of quality and speed. Products with this badge meet our extensive quality & packaging guidelines along with having faster delivery times.

With stringent seller & product selection combined with fast & free* delivery, ‘Ziva Verified’ guarantees a superior and hassle-free shopping experience every time you shop on Ziva.

*Free shipping for orders above Rs.500

  1. What are the benefits of buying a Product with a ‘Ziva Verified’ badge?

Customers who buy a ‘Ziva Verified’ product will enjoy the assurance of stringent seller and product quality checks, transit safe packaging and fast & free delivery* from us.

*Free shipping for orders above Rs.500

  1. Do I have to pay extra for the ‘Ziva Verified’ badged products?

No – this service is available to all our customers at no additional cost.