The journey begins in late 2017, when Krishanu and Susmita started their first company “Stupid & tubelight” as an online food provider.

In next year 2018, Krishanu met with Ron and exchanged their ideas with each other. At the end of 2018, they all started working together on Beauty industry and renamed their company to “Ziva India”.

After few months of working, In February 2019, they launched – Bengal’s first online shop on Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal care products with availability of national and global brands.

Ziva is a young and vibrant company that aims to provide good quality beauty products. caters to the cosmetic needs of women as well as for men.

At Ziva, we strive to achieve the highest level of “Customer Satisfaction” possible. Our cutting edge E-commerce platform, highly experienced buying team, agile warehouse systems and state of the art customer care centre provides customer with:
I. Broader selection of products
II. Superior buying experience
III. On-time delivery of products
IV. Quick resolution of any concerns

We are still developing ourselves by connecting new sellers and buyers. In our journey to become India’s biggest online beauty & cosmetic shop, we need to grow our network strongly. So if anyone want to join our team, contact with us.